While travelling in Bali in the mid-1990’s, I encountered an amazing number of talented artisans creating a diverse array of creative items. What struck me the most were the batik artists. Many people are familiar with the sarongs, shirts, and other clothing items made by this process, but I was impressed with the fine art potential of using this wax-resist fabric dyeing method in my own evolving work. When I moved from my native Japan to Oregon soon thereafter, I set out to integrate my skills as a painter with the batik method. I used a variety of fabrics, including cotton, rayon, and silk, and experimented frequently. Through this long process I gradually developed my own unique style of art.


        My experimentation with the batiking process has been both challenging and rewarding.  Initially I made batiks following the methods I learned in Indonesia.  However, the more I worked the more I found myself venturing into combining batiking with painting.  It was a gradual breakthrough that opened up opportunities for greater aesthetic expression and potential.


         After all the wax is removed and the batiking steps are completed, I carefully stretch and mount the newly created work on canvas.  Acrylic paints are then applied in selected areas.  My subjects reflect my inspirations and begin as sketches of natural settings near my home in Oregon, as well as other places I've visited in the United States and abroad.  I am interested in the therapeutic aspects of art.  I aspire to evoke in the viewer an essence of tranquility, peace, and warmth.

In the past years my work has evolved into a completely unique style, and I am excited to see where it takes me.